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Restaurant Tursia

Specializing in Fresh Fish, Seafood, foie gras and kid



Tiepid salad with baby-squids and bacon

Avocado and scampi salad

Sautéed with mushrooms green asparagus and fresh garlics

Gazpacho (vegetable cold soup)


Crêpes with spinach

Leek-pate with Roquefort-sauce

Spaghetti with carbonara-sauce

Small broad beans with baby-squids, and fresh garlics

Paella with shell-fish (min. 2 persons) P.P.



Homemade micuit foie gras

Spider-crab and mango salad with cheese and pistachios

Mussels au gratin

Chef’s style foie gras toast

Carpaccio of mushrooms preserve (confit)

“Carpaccio” (thin slices of raw beef-fillet) with parmesan

Green asparagus and goat’s milk cheese in pastry

Duck-ham with typical catalan bread

Fillet of sea-scallops and king prawns with sea-urchin sauce

Hake suprême with a sauce of red bell-peppers and vanilla scent

Angler-fish with refried Modena, grilled tomatoes and shoots of young garlic

Fresch duck-liver “Foie-gras” with truffle in Armagnac

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Fresh salmon in green pepper sauce

Cod fillets in three flavours

Angler-fish in crab-sauce

Grilled turbot with vegetables

Sole a la meunière

Mixed grill of fish

Mixed fish with sauce Suquet (min. 2 persons) P.P.

Fresh shell-fish


Young kid-chops

Sirloin steak with truffle-sauce

Maigret of duck with Calvados-sauce

Tenderloin beefsteak “Tursia”

Roast kid-shoulder