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Restaurant Tursia

Specializing in Fresh Fish, Seafood, foie gras and kid


In Restaurant Tursia know that any event should be memorable, and always work to make it happen, more than XX years of experience behind us in catering, advising our clients to make a feast for your taste and measure.

Class meals

Our restaurant offers a wide variety of international cuisine to suit all culinary tastes. Among all the ingredients that make up the rich Mediterranean diet, include the use of olive oil as a typical product of our land, our food that make one of the most balanced and healthiest in the world.

Specialties of the House

The specialties of the house we recommend for this season are fresh fish, from what we can recommend the grilled turbot with vegetables, mixed seafood, foie gras and kid. All ingredients are fresh from the highest quality, being reflected both in taste and presentation to the highest level of food requirement.

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